Coin Scarf - Teal Green Hip Scarf

Coin style Teal Blue dancing hip scarf
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Coin Scarf is a unique accessory for Belly Dancing and Zumba workout. Get Healthy, exercise and have fun dancing.

Lose weight the natural way, by dancing and having fun in your Zumba Fitness and Belly Dancing Classes.  Time and Calories will slip away as you dance to the rhythm of the music and your favorite songs and lose weight at the same time.

Each Jinglie is threaded with 160 musical coins that Jingle when you dance from the beat of your hips.  With Multiple uses, you can wear it for swimwear, clubwear, lingerie, Belly Dancing, Bachelorette Parties, Special Events or Anything your creative mind can think of.

Each Jinglie is 5 Feet Long (60 inches) and tie the rest you around your waist. One Size fits most, also available 42' in Kids and 84 in Plus size category.

Your choice of 32 colors with Silver or Gold Coins to match your perfect outfit.

Happy Dancing :)


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