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wholesale belly dance hip scarf along with wholesale belly dancing hip scarfs and scarves
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Mix and Match any 36 Jinglies Hip Scarves of your choice for Zumba or Belly Dancing (Free 10 silver stretch necklaces with this order!)

1) Click Here to get pls click on the picture to see what color coins are currently available.

You may include white crochet skirt with coins, black sequin scarves, and spinner scarves (black with silver or gold, hot pink/silver, hot pink/gold, turquoise/silver, turquoise/gold, dark purple/silver, dark purple/gold, and yellow/gold. 

3) Type in Your Choices in the "SPECIFY COLORS" section Below

Size: They are 5 Feet Long or (60 Inches) the rest you tie on the Side of your Hips

Coins: They come with 160 Silver Coins that Jingle when you Shake your Dance Workout

Perfect for Zumba events, Parties, Belly Dancing or wearing with casual jeans or any type of dancing. 

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