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Belly Scarf

Belly Dance Hip Scarves

Belly Dance Hip Scarves

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Dance with the hottest belly dance hip scarves in the nation - the perfect accessory to add flair, sounds and elegance to your dance performances!

Coins: Each Hip Scarf is hand stitched with 160 coins that jingle and create amazing sounds when you shake, dance or even walk!  Choose from Silver or Gold Coins which are designed to enhance your every move, it gracefully accentuates your hips and adds a mesmerizing touch to your belly dancing routines.

Colors:  Choose from a variety of colors (Pink, Blue, Black, Purple, etc) 

Size:  Each Hip Scarf is 5 Feet Wide (60 inches) that wrap around your hips and the rest you tie and adjust it as needed. 

Wholesale Prices:  Get a lower price when you buy in bulk; the more you buy, the more you save on the cost and shipping.  For example 12 scarves are only $8 each, 50 scarves are $7 each, 

Embrace the spirit of belly dancing with our Belly Dance Hip Scarf – a true expression of elegance, femininity, and cultural heritage. Perfect for dance classes, stage performances, festivals, fitness workouts, and special occasions.  It's also an excellent gift for fellow dancers and enthusiasts.

Order your Belly Dance Hip Scarf today!  

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